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    What does Succesfull Search Queries mean

      In Community Manger Report you can get a list of the Most Succesfull Search Queries, but what does this means?


      Do they need to click on a link in the search results, do they need to press enter or how does it counts this?

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          Here's the definition  from the Jive documentation site : Analytics


          Hope that helps!


          Additionally, is an idea under review. There's also some useful conversation about google analytics in the comments of that thread.

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              I can't seem to find this documented anywhere and this link doesn't seem to work anymore.  Can anyone clarify what this means exactly? Does it only include results if people typed in a full string in the main search from the site header, viewed results from the pop-up, and clicked on a particular result? Do partial strings count (I didn't see any in our results but I'm quite sure I've personally typed them and clicked on a result)? Are Places and People counted? Does this show results for any searches or only logged-in users?

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                  I can't tell you what it means. But I can tell you that it is generally not terribly usable information. We put a lot of time into investigating it, and it doesn't include things like API searches or tile search. I think the only place it pulls from is spotlight or advanced search. So potentially very skewed.