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    Q&A Support Page


      What are some ways you are using the Q&A Support page?  I have the Jive-n Cloud and I don't want to waste the option of Q&A Support, but I'm not finding much use for it, or ability to customize it.  If anyone would share any best practices or use cases for it, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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          By Q&A Support page do you mean creating a group or space that utilizes  the "Ask a Question" functionality for support of your Jive instance or other applications?

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                I can't speak specifically to cloud, as I have only worked in Jive 8 hosted and on-prem environments, but for my money the ask a question widget* in particular is one of the most powerful pieces of functionality that can be added easily to any group or place.


                For example, we use the widget in our Help community, so users can find content or ask questions about using our Jive instance. You can customize the widget to search only questions, only discussions or to also search documents. Having it search all of this content allows users to access a predictive search feature that brings up content relevant to the topic they wish to learn about, whether it is user generated content where a user asked the same thing previously, or our documentation on the topic. If neither of these things exists, the user is empowered to ask the question themselves. This encourages self-help behavior that also increases the knowledge base. So, you as a community manager don't have to answer the same question over and over again and users can access the accumulated knowledge of other users or contribute to it. Marking answers as correct or helpful also provides a quick and easy way for users to get to the right information in a question that has been asked.


                The most important best practice as far as I'm concerned is to model good behavior. Keep these things in mind:

                • Make sure questions posed are being addressed in a timely way
                  • Often the ideal is a combination of users helping each other, with a boost or additional knowledge coming from the community manager. However, if users aren't answering each other's questions, make sure that there is active community management and questions aren't left there unanswered.
                  • If there is a subject matter expert who can answer a question, use the @mention functionality in the thread and get them involved.
                  • If you don't immediately have an answer, acknowledge the question and say you are looking into it. As a user, there is nothing worse than asking a question into a void and getting no reply.
                  • Going into a community and seeing loads of unanswered questions discourages people from asking because they think it will be fruitless.
                  • Update content - if something has changed, update the answer in a question or Mark as Outdated and point to new content. Built in Jive functionality allows you to do all of this seamlessly.
                • Change management requires being firm
                  • If users are sending questions via email or instant message, encourage them to instead post the question in the community. You can explain to them that posting in the community will receive as timely a response as an email (follow through on this!), but will also help build the knowledge base (also they will get points for posting in the community if you have gamification turned on).
                  • If you are using the Outlook plugin, this can also be an amazing change management tool for your support community. Using the "convert to discussion" functionality and seamlessly moving the email to your community allows it to become part of your knowledge base. Also pointing out to the user that you have moved the content and that the best place to post is in that support community helps model expected future behavior.


                As you can see, I am a big fan of this functionality. Hope this verbose response helps!


                *A caveat to the above is that at least in Jive 8, the Ask a Question tile is not customizable and only searches questions in the current place. I'm not sure if this changes in later iterations of cloud (or in Jive 9) but it sure would be great to have the same flexibility in the tile that exists in the widget.