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    Updating Database schema of Jive hosted solution




      I am new to Jive so I am bit confuse regarding the schema of Jive. Is there any way to update the schema to add custom fields in the database?


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          If you are truly Jive hosted, you will need to double check changes with the hosting team.


          You could do this via a custom plugin for new tables,

          see: jive-fu-plugin/schema.xml at master · jivesoftware/jive-fu-plugin · GitHub

          and possibly through installation tasks, which are a bit more detailed.


          The short answer is yes, you could make a plugin to do this...but it (assuming you are not familiar with plugins) may be more difficult than it's worth.  You may be better off working with one of our partners to assist.


          Personally, I would recommend taking your use-case and seeing if you can make your metadata use-case work using the REST APIs / Add-On Framework for your Jive version. 

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              I am facing the similar problem, Will you please share a sample  jive app with database

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                  I'm afraid there isn't a quick example like this available for a Jive App (Add-On), or Plugin.


                  From a plugin perspective, plugins are a powerful form of Jive extension; however, they are not supported in our Cloud Environments (where-as Add-Ons and APIs are supported).  The Jive-Fu plugin linked above shows aspects from a Jive 5.0 plugin written to implement aspects of the entire plugin framework.  It is a good starting point, but like I said, plugins are not straight forward and will have a significant barrier for entry without someone to guide you.  We have consulting partners who typically help in this arena.


                  WRT the Jive App/Add-On Route, you aren't modifying the Jive DB, but rather existing structures in the APIs, such as, Jive REST API v3.14 → ExtProps service to lace extended meta-data on key Jive structures.  Another angle is to create a middleware service with your extended data-model, well wrapped with REST/JSON services that can be used in concert with the Jive APIs to create an integrated experience.


                  Again, your question to alter the database and add additional fields ... is only possible for On-Premise and Hosted Jive instances, and Plugins are the means to achieve that method; however, it is not recommended.  Most of the time, problems can be reformed to fit with-in an Add-On/API solution... which is much more conducive to long term stability.


                  Hope that helps clarify.



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