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    Jive has capability to do Gantt


      I'm not sure why the discussion at Is the built in project management tool in Jive the only PM option available?  was locked.  I'm not even sure why a correct answer was applied.


      As a consumer who uses Jive and is cheering on Jive success, you really need an out-of-the-box solution for Gantt charts.


      Check out this Gantt chart...



      If you look closely, current metadata in Jive already captures most if not all datapoints.


      Project start/end.... check

      Task and sub-task... check

      Task end date... check

      Task start date..... nope, but you could use creation date until a 'start date' is added to Jive

      Checkpoints.... check


      I would ask Jive Interactive Intranet to consider this as a developer objective in near future.


      In the meantime, has anyone coded a custom widget that can do this?