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    500 error while trying to Reconnect to Service or Run service diagnostics


      I have the following URLs below. I have corresponding basic HttpPost and HttpGet methods. When I click either on the "Reconnect to service" or "Run service diagnostics" option through the plugin, I get 500 - Internal server error in Jive. Nothing is getting logged additionally to my IIS logs; I have a .Net service connecting to Jive.



      "service_url": "https://connectorpreview.xxxxxx.com",
      "register_url": "https://connectorpreview.xxxxxx.com/jiveapi/api/Registration/Register",
      "unregister_url" : "https://connectorpreview.xxxxxx.com/jiveapi/api/Registration/Unregister",
      "health_url": "https://connectorpreview.xxxxxx.com/jiveapi/api/Registration/Monitor",


      Monitor method below which is just trying to write to a file




      public HttpResponseMessage Monitor()


      using (var fileStream = new FileStream(String.Format(@"C:\Log\jivelog.txt"), FileMode.OpenOrCreate))


      using (var outputFile = new StreamWriter(fileStream))


      "Status in Monitor method");


      HttpResponseMessage msg = new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.OK);


      return msg;



      I am not sure what happened but at least my Monitor method was working with a status 200. Now it's a consistent 500! Unfortunately, there are no other details that I see in Jive that I can refer to so thought of posting this.


      Any thoughts? I can provide more information if needed.


      Thanks a lot!



      Ryan Rutan, Rashed Talukder Ryan Obrock