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    Jive Triggering ‘approved’ notification incorrectly.


      For our internal Release note publication, we use JIVE to do the reviews and follow a particular procedure to complete this. Following are the steps involved.


      Step 1: Upload and publish a document – Version 1 of the document is created and is visible to all.

      Step 2: To set an approver, edit the document and add the approver name – Version 2 of the document is created.

      Note: We do not add the approver in the first  step because then the document would be visible to the larger audience only after the approver approves the doc. Also, it may not be downloaded during the merge process without the approval.


      Step 3 (Applicable when the doc needs to be modified/revised based on the inputs from stakeholders): The edited version of the document is uploaded and published by removing the approver (approver is removed so that the edit is also visible to the larger audience and can be incorporated in the Release Note merge process)

      Step 4: Again set the document for approval (Version 4).


      However, we noticed that when we reach the step 3, we get a notification that the 'approver has approved the document'. Whereas the fact is that the doc was not approved by the approver at all. Hence, whenever the approver's name is taken out from the  below mentioned option, Jive automatically throws a message that  ' the approver has approved the document'.


      Following are few screenshots of the same.


      Refer to the screenshot above where the doc was not approved , but the notification in the Inbox showed up after the third step.

      Link  for your reference.







        Patty McEnaney Gargi Basu Anoop Ramanujam