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    Building Internal Community - Strategies for Getting Started


      Hi All!  I am tasked with re-building our HR internal site using the Jive platform in an effort to enhance employee self-service, contribute to employee engagement, and provide a platform for employee and manager education as it relates to HR content.  We are a global company and have engaged a global project team.  I am wondering if anyone has any strategies to share regarding how they went about developing the design for their intranet?   From a design perspective, how did you decide on your landing page and what content would be featured there?


      We have surveyed HR and employees regarding what they'd like to see on Jive and have a high-level understanding of content and features that are desired.  Our project team sits in different locations and we are looking to collaborate in a virtual brainstorming session to begin talking about site design.  What questions should be asked?  Any ideas on how to engage a remote team in this task?