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    Jive props replacement?

    keithteach Beginner

      We use Jive props internally, and since it is going away on July 1st we are exploring other options. Rewards won't work for us due to some limitations it has, and we have looked at jiveapps/applications/props
      at master · jivesoftware/jiveapps · GitHub
      but it has not been updated in over three years. Does anyone have any thoughts on this as a replacement or can suggest something else?

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          Ryan Rutan Guru

          Unfortunately, Jive Props isn't going to be updated.  As for replacements ... depending on the level of peer recognition you want to do ... you might consider looking at TemboSocial Recognition. (FYI: Brennan Kirby).


          That being said, TemboSocial Recognition usually leads to deeper conversation with corporate values and HR ... and I'm not sure if that is something you are ready to do given...but if you want my opinion for the best alternative for Jive Props and Peer Recognition ... TemboSocial recognition would be it.  Every customer that is using it, loves it ... at-least to my knowledge...and it goes a long way to help quantify the impact and quality of a company's intended vs. actual culture.


          See TemboSocial Recognition | Add-Ons for Jive  for more details.


          Hope that helps.

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