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    After updating to the latest version of Jive for Outlook plugin, the Producteev logo/ account/tasks are no longer available in Outlook 2010. Can you help?


      I am using the Outlook 2010 with the Jive for Outlook plugin. Recently I have set up  Producteev account and shortly  my Outlook plugin picked up on that and I had an additional Producteev logo added to the plugin bar in Outlook. The Producteev/ Outlook integration was working fine.

      Today I have installed the latest verion ( 30.7.24) for the Jive plugin in Outlook and the Producteev integration is gone : no more Producteev logo, cannot add it as an additional account...etc.

      Recreated a Porducteev account, enabled/disable the plug in ...still doesn't work.


      Any ideas?