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    How to Fix Spacing Issue in Navigation bar


      We have 2 external sites, and are currently in the process of making them look similar (we'll eventually be merging/migrating the sites together, but for now, we just want them themed the same).

      Our first site had some custom theme work done by someone else (no longer available), and I just wanted that same theme used on our second site.

      I exported the theme from site 1, imported it to site 2, and though most things look right, there is a weird spacing issue in the Navigation Bar (I think that's the name for it based on examining the HTML in the page - but please correct me if I'm wrong).

      There is also some weird spacing going on around the main page widgets (I don't know what this area is called).


      Here's a screenshot that shows site 1 vs site 2.


      I suspect there is some css that needs tweaked in one of the theme files, but I'm not really sure which.

      Here's the theme files that have been customized if it's helpful:


      Is it possible from this information to come up with an idea as to why migrating the theme screwed with the spacing, and where I might be able to correct it?

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          So this would be based on your CSS values. I would recommend using your browser's inspector tools and seeing which elements are different and adjust your templates accordingly. Shouldn't take too long to identify what the issue is and you can actually use the inspector tools to change your padding/margins for the element on the fly.

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              I'm pretty new to the theme aspect of Jive so bear with me -

              Isn't the CSS established within the customized .soy and .ftl files?

              If yes, then they are the same for both sites (I exported from site 1, imported on site 2). I also manually checked each of those files against both sites, and they're the same.

              I tried inspecting the page itself with chromes developer tools, and the css definitely shows some inconsistencies, but then that is strange to me as well - why if the same theme is in use on 2 sites is the css different.

              (It's possible I lack a fundamental understanding of CSS).

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              the most obvious thing i can see is something is screwing with the padding on the 2nd site that you copied. open the first site with the inspector tools and see if the values for the padding or the margin are the same as the 2nd site.

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                I tried looking at it with inspector, but wasn't clear on what the differences were (despite them clearly existing).

                Found out I had an extra .soy file in the theme that shouldn't have been there, and after removing it, the spacing was corrected.

                Wish I understood how to utilize the inspector to have found that out... but glad to have spotted it either way.

                Thanks for the input everyone.

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