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    How to add an RSS feed to your group?


      The following instruction assumes the group owner is performing this task on Jive Version 8:


      1. Select the drop down menu titled Manage



      2. Select Overview page from the drop menu



      3. Select Other then RSS Subscription from the Widgets window pane


      4. Left mouse click and drag the [+Drag to Add] button into your preferred location on the page


      5. Select the Edit this widget option from the RSS Subcription object



      6. Enter the RSS URL (and username and password if required)


      7. Set the additional options for Number of Results and/or Show Content (if available)


      8. When you are happy with the design select the Save Properties button


      9. Finally select the Publish Layout button to activate the design




      URL: http://www.ema.europa.eu/ema/pages/rss/whats_new.xml