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    Engagement Activities


      We want to drive some engagement in the community and we will be doing some ask the expert and webinars, but what other activities does everyone run in the external communities?

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          We do a blog highlighting the Monthly Leaderboard Champions -- AKA the movers and shakers in the community for each month by points total, and they get a badge saying they are the Monthly Leaderboard champ! Contests every other month or so, Q&As with community members, starting our first AMA next month, and so on....

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              Billy Volpone

              Love the idea Ryan! Dennis, have you turned on and built out the Jive Rewards missions for either the repetitive strategies (all of those are actually already enabled on day one) and/or the more use case specific quests?


              Outside of the useful Rewards model for nearly any use case, I always like to put myself back in the end user's shoes to think about other reasons they might want to come and stay longer. For example, are you doing anything with Ideation for crowdsourcing and feedback? Any user groups either based on regional locations and/or role based areas of interest?