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    Have you ever had to resell the business-cases of collaboration from scratch?

    Nik Edmiidz

      I remember once hearing a community owner discuss how her Jive intranet switched owners, and the new owners didn't get it. So despite having a community with some solid successes, she had to reconsult her original files that were used when first making the pitch to get a collaborative intranet. When I heard that I thought "What a nightmare!" But now I wonder. Perhaps it's good to go back to basics and remember why we are on this mission to improve collaboration in our organizations. But then going back to basics doesn't mean we'll stop at this juncture again and continue in a loop. It might propel is into a new direction in collaboration evangelization we hadn't envisioned yet.


      In an effort to try and understand why organization don't collaboration more, I tried to take a look at the upshots to not collaborating in a humorous (albeit a little dark) way.   Please check out:
      What are the Advantages of Tribal Knowledge Sharing and Working in Silos?