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    Should I set up groups or spaces?


      I run an external community for our customers, partners, and community edition (free) version. We now have several employee groups (products, devops) who want private areas for just employees and partners. So - the debate: should I use groups or spaces?


      Groups would be easier to manage permissions (since we can invite with an email list and approve each person). If I do spaces, I'll have to create a "partner" permission group and then add people there - so manual work, either way. On the other hand, I'll have several private company spaces in the end - so maybe adding them all to a "partner" list (we already have an employee one) means we end up adding them to one permission group - and then they can use any of the private spaces ...


      All content in the space/group will be private.


      Anything else I should think about? I'm leaning towards group vs space.

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          often this is not an easy answer. There are several good documents in this community which could help you.


          Space vs Group Decision Tree

          Places: Group vs. Space

          Groups vs Spaces


          Some thoughts from my side:


          • Spaces in general are more flexible in terms of permissions, e.g. you want partners to create discussions and comment blog posts, but only allow employees to write a new blog post or documents... This can be customized in each space.
          • Using spaces needs a process for partners to register, e.g. something like a Jive document so that jive space admins get notified about adding users to the permission group.
          • You could use this list in other contexts, too, e.g. setup a new space and everybody is automatically member of that space. OOTB this is not possible with groups.




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