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    Are we prevented from deleting our own questions in groups?

    Stephanie Standring

      I know within spaces if I post a question I have the rights to update it or delete it. But it appears in our groups that we do not have the same permissions. Is this expected behavior, or should I submit a support case to track this and file as a bug?


      I couldn't find any Jive documentation that explains this situation. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

        • Re: Are we prevented from deleting our own questions in groups?

          Hi Stephanie Standring,


          There is not any across the board restriction that prevents users from deleting their questions within Groups.  I would recommend opening a support case in your private support Group, so that a Support resource can evaluate the situation further and see if you are running into a permissions issue.  The following pieces of information would be helpful to add to the case:


          • The usernames of a few users that are experiencing the issue.
          • The usernames of any users that are able to delete Questions from Groups, if applicable.
          • Links to a few Groups or specific Questions where users are experiencing the issue.
          • A description or image of any error message that is encountered when trying to delete the Question, if applicable.
          • A link to one of the Spaces where users can delete Questions.


          Best Regards,