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    extprops appended to url when Keyword Content Url is enabled


      Our upload-to-jive application sets the /extprops when uploading documents in order to track their source and enable content updates.

      Our client wanted to use the Keyword Content Url feature in Jive,

      but upon enabling the feature in the admin console (and subsequently updating content),

      the new content's url includes the information that was included in the /extprops, instead of keywords from the document title.

      For example: all the links on this page include the extra info in the urls: Canvas Student Guide - Table of Contents | Canvas Community

      Such as https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10558-4212710329 - although "4212710329" is nowhere in the html.

      Upon disabling the Keyword Content Url feature and re-updating the content, the link returns to normal.


      Seems like a Jive bug, any ideas?