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    Theme colors- Issues changing alert badge (bell) background color, sidebar badge color and navigation link color isn't working

    jgravholt Novice

      I am working on a draft theme to replace our current theme, which is a clone of our current theme.  Simple stuff, updated to our new logo and colors, etc.  I went through and was able to change everything except for a couple areas.  The alert (with the bell) background didn't pick up the button color that I selected.  Also, the badges on the left that give a number status to search results didn't pick up the button color.  We also have custom links enabled in the navigation and there is nothing in the custom css that is coloring the links/hover color, but they are still the old color.  Help documentation seemed to imply that changing the button color would change the alert/badges:  


      But not sure about the main navigation link colors and if there is just simply something that I missed.  Inspecting the CSS says that the colors are coming from "temporary-jive-css" if that helps...