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    Who Actually Visits a Space/Group?


      Hi All:


      Activity reports on spaces and groups show total activity levels, but no names for Top Users.  Is there any way to see a list of the users actually visiting a space/group in a time period and their visit count?


      I'm planning an (internal) webinar to give a deep dive of the News feature and want to target the top-n most active users in the top-10 most active (visitors) groups/spaces.  Apart from pushing an announcement to all Followers and Members of specific spaces/groups I don't see any way to target the most active users who are effectively the champions for the groups themselves.


      Reports> User Adoption> User Leaderboard metrics only reflect "Leaders" based upon the most Points in a date range, so that doesn't help identify who the top visitors are who may be turning to the space/group as a core knowledge base asset. If there are any canned reports I'm missing please advise.  If anyone has done this at the API level we could sure use some help with the basics.





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          Caton Guilbault

          Hi Sam,


          if you have database access this thread will probably get you started: Re: SQL query for seeing who has viewed a space?


          If you want to get at this data via the API then Analytics - Developer Resources is a great starting point.

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              Thanks, Caton - that's super helpful.  I need to hone my searching skills in the JW spaces, clearly.


              We're in the cloud so I'll see how far we can push it (we miss having the DB local so we can run these) and will look to the API doc if we get stuck.  Having the actual query to work from in that thread is a great starting point.




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              To expand on Caton's reply - the data you seek is in the DES (and therefore, also in InSite).  So every view of Overview pages, Activity pages, and Content within that Place is written as a row to the DES that records the timestamp of the view (DES Activity), what was viewed (Object ID in the DES) and who viewed it (Actor ID in DES equals Jive ID of the viewing user).


              So you will be able to put together an InSite Custom View (CV - our queries) that will rank your visitors by number of views (can also combine Place Overview/Activity views with Content views, for your specified time period.  Once built, save it and run it whenever you need it. That CV would also put you one step away from unique views for the Place plus Content, in a time period - something we also get asked about frequently.


              Hope that helps.