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    How can I go about raising a bug in Jive?


      I've noticed a labelling issue in the Timezone dropdown options in preferences that I would like to raise, but I'm not sure how to go about raising it and whether it is a known bug.


      Essentially the issue is that the Preferences > Time Zone drop down shows British Summer Time zones as GMT 0:00 when it should be GMT 1:00. This is made a bit more confusing in that when you do select a British Summer Time zone all dates are reflected as GMT 1:00.


      Steps to reproduce:


      1. Set your Preferences > Time Zone to GMT 0:00

      2. Observe the create date for a piece of content

      3. Return to your preferences and select a British Summer Time Zone (which states GMT 0:00)

      4. Go back to the content you observed earlier and notice it has moved an hour ahead, which doesn't match the label


      Additionally, I've observed that if you GMT+0, GMT-0 and GMT0 and save, the selected Time Zone is shown as '(GMT -12:00) Etc/GMT +12 --12:00'