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    HTML embed best practices?


      I'm experimenting with webflow which is a convenient tool for rapidly generating simple responsive design layouts. The tool outputs an html file along with the associated css and javascript files, from my point of view, the code is pretty clean. I tried placing a simple grid layout I prepared in webflow into an html widget in Jive and it only displayed the text contents within the div elements, and when I included the javascript, it did not show anything at all. I understand that you need to be an admin to get javascript displayed, so I've given up on that. However I noticed that in some examples that other people shared in Jive, every single div needs to be styled individually, and Jive seems to ignore it if I do it the traditional route of putting the css in the header and applying classes to each div. This means the time webflow saves in my workflow is negated by the need to copy/paste each style directly to each div if I decide to just go the boxy stacked design route.


      What is the Jive best practice for structuring html, css and javascript, and is there a document that outlines what can and cannot be done? I want to make our community page in Jive really come to alive with some nice CSS, but right now it's still looking pretty CSS 2.0. Would be nice if there was something like https://caniuse.com/ that made it clear what CSS is compatible.