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    Deleting unwanted projects showing in the Project List



      Being an admin of my Network, I am unable to delete a project created by an employee who is no longer part of our company. 


      I tried deleting his account also on Producteev, but still project is displayed in the list.


      Please let me know the way to delete unwanted projects that are not associated with me from my Producteev panel.



      Rajiv Madan

        • Re: Deleting unwanted projects showing in the Project List

          Hi Rajiv,


          Can you please provide the name of the Project you want to have deleted, confirming which Network this is in, and I can look into this for you?


          Though you are an admin it could still be related to permissions. You can only change or delete projects if you have full access.  This would mean being both an administrator and , when the project is set to private, on the list of restricted users.