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        Ryan Rutan

        Stop reading my internal notes   This use-case is definitely on my list! =)

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          And a tiny tweak to the Helpful Links tile that would increase utility - allow me to set a background color for the link I'm adding (and its text). This would allow the addition of really easy custom menus.


          One step better - the ability to "clone" once created for reuse in other places.

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            Stephanie Standring

            1) Turnaround time for bug fixes. 95% of the time our users are the ones finding these bug issues, and the bug fixes often go unfixed for multiple releases or never get fixed. It is hard to explain time and time again why the bug  is still not fixed, even after multiple followups and our TAM doing the best he can to get higher priority ones moved up. It is especially harder when the issue/bug is something that is very visible to users or has some ridiculous work around. In a lot of the other software that I have used, the bug fixes are provided on a more frequent basis, so it is surprising to me the turnaround time for bug fixes at Jive, and that fact that they have to only be coupled with large releases.

            2) Better reporting dashboards/capabilities for spaces/groups. Something that has been discussed a lot between the place owners in our community is the reporting capabilities it offers/doesn't offer. We would like to see more analytics within spaces and groups. Having it at a community level and trying to filter for the different parts of the business is just not working or is not enough. Utilizing (Data Export Service) DES for many of the place owners is also time consuming, confusing for them, as analytics is not their primary role. We have heard from many many of our place owners that DES is not user friendly or intuitive and takes a lot of time because the of the manipulation and coupling of reports in Excel. I would agree with them. We have had to create additional training and content just around this one aspect of the community, so multiple parts of the business can get what they need. Sometimes DES falls flat of providing them any substantive information and they eventually give up. The only other option I have seen to get decent reporting for spaces/groups and custom dashboards is through API development. Not all parts of the business can accomplish that.

            3) Tiles. I won't go too much into this because I think a lot of it is reflected in the comments already, but we have started to see a migration from Widgets to tiles, and have received a lot of feedback. The experience of switching just isn't the same, and we also realized that we cannot have more than 2 custom tiles on a community even after it was announced in 2016.3. Whatever the performance issues were with that change still have not been fixed/addressed and we are unable to use more than 2 custom tiles per page. This was disappointing to users who were switching to tiles. Other communities wont' switch to tiles because the selection is not as diverse as widgets. Makes Activity pages hard to sell when the selection isn't the same as an overview page.


            I know you asked for top 3, but I am adding a 4th...


            4) Jive Daily. Bottom line, users are looking for the same experience as the desktop version with Jive Daily. Many users do not use it because the functionality and features are less in Jive Daily. I would also like to have the ability to be able to customize the app a little more (not asking for full control) but just so we can make it feel like our app/our community and not Jives. Items on our home/news page do not reflect the same as the desktop and the reasons as to why were not good imo. I understand making the app lightweight, but displaying half an image is just embarrassing. Being able to customize the home/news page on the app would have fixed the issue. Now we are stuck with a poor looking home page and have no ability to turn off specific tiles on the app.


            I appreciate you taking feedback, and hope I have provided enough detail. If you have any questions or would like specifics please let me know. Thanks!

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              I agree with the Jive Daily feedback (as well as all of the for that matter).  I will admit that Jive Daily continues to get better and better, but here are a couple more examples of functionality that exists on the desktop but not Jive Daily:


              • Parity of content type creation - especially the ability to create an Idea.  Ideas can pop into your head at the strangest times, not just when you are in front of your computer.  You need to be able to submit an idea at the moment of inspiration, otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting it or not having time to submit it.
              • All Activity stream - why can't you see the All Activity stream from Jive Daily?  If you want to see everything new that has been posted to your community, you have to do this from the desktop.  I often have a few free minutes in my day where I could use the time productively to see what has been posted to the community (when I'm waiting for a table at a restaurant, waiting for my kids to come out of their sports practices, etc). 
              • Apply Categories - when creating content from Jive Daily, you are currently unable to select a category.  You have to do this as a separate step from the desktop after the fact.
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                I would love to see the All Activity stream included! As a community manager, I can't see everything that's going on when I check Jive Daily. I feel like I'm missing out on content that could be valuable. So although I point users to it all the time, I rarely use it myself for checking the latest content.

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                  Great thread and thanks for soliciting the feedback. Here my top 3, which are bent a bit towards external communities:


                  1 - rebuild the email templates from scratch to use the RTE instead of tokens AND have automation rules to trigger emails based on configurable conditions:

                  •      user 1 month old, user hasn't logged in for 6 months, other users replied to your question... please mark them as Correct or Helpful, user account about to be automatically disabled if you don't login by <date>
                  •      Also have ability import a CSV of email addresses and have the system send a particular email (one of the templates or a new one-off) from within the system. Unless you have an email marketing tool at your disposal, mass emails that need to be sent to a significant number of people are a headache and often sent from Outlook one at a time or via a BCC list, which isn't ideal.


                  2 - Access to System/Core, EAE, and Analytic databases for Cloud customers. Thanks for creating the Data Export Service (DES) - Common Queries (WIP) , I will follow it and hopefully it will help some but it seems like DES is meant for things that have happened (user X liked this content on this date), but I need access to the state of things (export all users by name, email, user ID in a system group; export of all threads site wide with title, place, creation date, email address of who replied with date stamp, for each reply was it marked as helpful or correct or liked, etc). Two more thing related to analytics: 1) take the limit off of the Content Leaderboard CMR report so it shows all content in the date period and not just the top 1,000 pieces of content, and 2) don't limit CMR to 1 year max.


                  3 - ways to use email domain in system configuration:

                  •      automatically put anyone with particular email domain(s) in a system permission group     
                  •      filter email domain(s) out of top participants/leaderboard tiles/widgets
                  •      automatically moderate any content from a particular email domain(s)
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                    I'm so excited to see this post.


                    For me personally - the top things that I get asked for:


                    1. More Visually appealing navigation out of the box.

                    2. Reporting - unsuccessful search keywords - that return no results. - Keywords that return the wrong results (as reported by users)

                    3. Reporting - groups without content, groups without active owners.

                    4. Content Management - Content expiration/review dates

                    5.  Content Management - customizing Metadata around "authoritative content" or content that needs to follow a certain taxonomy within a place.

                    6. Search customization based on Profile Data (point US users to a US content - etc)

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                      Jonathan Block

                      On the navigation point:  Since we can't effectively replace the main menu structure (in Cloud, at least), and we're limited to only five top-level entries, please give us at least two tiers of content within each menu.  Preferably that manifests as a mega-menu:  Groups of section-head-plus-content (all links) automatically distributed into multiple columns based on available screen width, rather than finicky multi-tier flyout menus.  It would also be nice to be able to provide hints within the menus:  Non-link text, maybe smaller and less visually strong, used to provide micro-guidance as to what each link has to offer or why you'd use it.

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                        Jonathan Block

                        Strong agreement on #1.  I understand the architectural change was in part intended to allow the dev team to address these items independently, but the number of real issues that have been not addressed (or even not caught before deployment in the first place) has not provided reassurance that this will change substantially.  Hoping to see such attention to fixing and/or not-breaking improve under the new architecture (and new ownership), but to me only time will prove that out one way or another.


                        On Jive Daily, I haven't seen mention of the iPad issue yet.  We just recently learned from Support that our site crashing when viewed on Safari on iPads is due to the hardware's memory constraints.  This happens on a default News page with just one Jive tile in place (Leaderboard, for example), so it's not our custom tiles causing the problem.  Only site I've yet seen that dares to consider that an acceptable response, and indeed the only site I use that has the issue in the first place, but fine...sort of.  We'd just direct people to use Daily...except Daily on iPad is a no-go, and everything I've seen so far suggests management just doesn't think that's important.

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                          Ryan, you definitely have your work cut out for you as this is the 54th reply on this post!


                          As someone who is very 'developer-challenged' I'm having a really hard time getting the most out of Jive & I want to take my community to the next level but I don't know how to 'step OOB'

                          I want to move from widgets to tiles, but the code doesn't transfer directly over & the html tiles won't pull filtered content types (Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined. It happens only on Tile, not on HTML widget) So many things are a customization & I simply don't have the skillset required. Even with the amazing tools your team has created, I would love to see some pre-built apps, add-ins, etc. made available w/o going thru PS.


                          Each piece of content & reply should be able to be separated/moved individually of it's parent post. Once moved, or separated, any content type needs to be able to be changed to any other content type; idea to question, discussion to idea, etc. Currently, If someone submits a question as an idea, I can't move it to a different content type. I also can't create the question under that user, so I have to ask the user to re-post the content as a question so the appropriate team will see it. Then If I don't want duplicate content I have to delete the Idea - but we don't delete content, so both the question & idea will be returned when a user searches. To piggy-back onto that, if someone replies to that idea, I can't branch that reply to a unique question.. or to either a different idea that it better corresponds to, or a brand new unique idea if it doesn't fit with any existing ideas.



                          This is my 3rd thing, I promise.


                          Only having the 1 option associated with questions 'mark correct' is very difficult for us. Our members ask many different types of questions on our community & not all of them are appropriately addressed with a 'correct' answer, however, marking them correct is one way we show our executives we're following up on the questions & providing a response. If the member reports a bug, we provide an issue # & mark it correct... but it's not really 'correctly answered' until we circle back up once the issue has been patched out & client's original inquiry resolved. Ability to create custom designations would be very helpful; such as 'issue created', or maybe even 'researching'.


                          Thanks again Ryan, I can't wait to see what you extract from all these responses!

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                            Hi Jessica,


                            GREAT suggestions! I have lived with the fact that comments can't be branched for so long I forgot how frustrating that one can be. SOOO many times I want to take a comment and make it a question, both so that we can have a meaningful dialog without pestering people following the content, and also so that the next person who has the same question will be able to find the answer. Seemingly small request with huge positive implications.


                            The "mark correct" one is interesting. I've never really thought of that as a way of addressing a similar situation. I typically mark the answer as helpful, and leave the question open so that I remember to follow up when we have a final resolution. But a "waiting on fix" (like Jive has for support cases) or something along those lines would be helpful. Though I could also see this being addressed with the content review dates idea - if the review date is actually displayed on the content, then it would be more obvious that there is a "plan" in place to continue to follow up until the issue is closed.

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                              Ryan Rutan

                              I was a bit busy yesterday but I was reading the posts as they came in...will be engaging with contributions today ...so keep a look out =)

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                                Ryan Rutan

                                One quick question, Patty McEnaney (and others) ... when you say Archive/Expire content ... how are you doing that.  Are we marking things as Outdated?  Moving it to another space/sub-space?  Removing / Adding tags/categories?  Just curious if there is a consensus on what "Archive" means to everyone. =)

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                                  Ryan Rutan

                                  I really love this idea of an AMA Tile!  Noted and my brain is churning ... =)

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                                    Ryan Rutan

                                    Keeley Sorokti, just wanted to confirm if you have used this feature before for creating Place Templates?  If so, could you tell us what you would nip/tuck with this feature?