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    How to set-up a quest to reward peer networks for answering questions within a group?


      I am configuring Jive Rewards and one of the big use cases that I want to encourage is the answering of colleagues' questions around a subject of expertise.


      Let's take an example:


      ServiceNow Champion Badge.

      I want the following Events to trigger the "ServiceNow Champion" badge. This will encourage people to share their expertise and answer questions, and thus reduce calls to the help-desk.

      • Follow the ServiceNow support group
      • Answer a question in the ServiceNow support group
      • Have an answer marked correct in the ServiceNow support group
      • Have an answer marked helpful in the ServiceNow support group
      • Follow the ServiceNow group blog


      It seems that only the first one is possible. If I create an Advocate quest, I can specify the group. But I already have an Advocate group setting for our platform advocate badge. We have many different peer networks. Is there only one Advocate setting?


      Am I missing something? Can someone advise me how to set up this scenario? Ted Hopton you are the Rewards guru....