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    Permissions to allow editing posts but not be a site admin


      Is there a permission configuration that allows a space Subject Matter Expert (SME) to edit posts and replies in a particular space without making them a site admin?  Under Admin Console > Permissions > Space Permissions > Select Space > Add Group, I tried the options for both Administer and separately Custom > Group can manage space > Full Control, but that didn't seem to do the trick.  The only way I saw this working was if they were made a Full Access Admin under Admin Console > Permissions > System Administration Permissions > Add Group and give Full Access, which is not desirable.


      The reason we need to do this, is the SMEs watching the areas need to be able to edit posts made by customers when they reply and don't strip out their email signature.


      If anyone knows a way around this, or can confirm there is no other way besides a Full Access admin please reply and let me know.