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    Feedback on forum organization


      Hey folks, I'm looking for some feedback.


      I'm looking to re-organize our product forum, we sell software and typically release an updated version every three months or so. For example we would go from 5.8, to 5.9 to 6.0... etc. What do you think the best way to organize a product forum? I was thinking to have a 'product forum' then having categories like 5.x, 6.x - Thoughts?


      Thanks for the help

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          I've run into this issue as well as we have a software development kit (SDK) which promises to major and two minor releases annually.


          I think categories are probably the best took out of the box, but if you do use categories, then you will want to be very consistent when creating titles so when users hit the main category listing page, everything is listed in an orderly fashion.


          Also, categories will only list things alphabetically, so you need to consider this aspect as well (i.e. new items may end up in the middle of the list).