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    Jive for Office/Outlook 30.7.43


      Hi all,


      We've released a new version for Jive for Outlook/Office, version 30.7.43.


      This release brings support to our Jive for FedRAMP solution, by providing additional security controls to comply with the FedRAMP requirements. (only applies to a FedRAMP environment)

      In addition, this release includes the following:

      • Bug fixes:
        • J4O-4- convert to discussion in Jive for Outlook does not include images from replies
        • J4O-38 - wrong number of unread items in Jive for Outlook inbox
        • J4O-47 - Inline rewards badges are not displayed properly
        • J4O-154 - Emoticons are not rendering properly in Jive for Outlook
      • Security improvements:
        • Remove sensitive user information from log/configuration files
        • Reject invalid TLS certificats (optionally, configured via registry key)
      • Beta support for the MS Azure information protection plugin


      For the best experience, always update your clients to the latest version.


      For installation instructions and more, please refer to Jive for OfficeJive for Outlook Module.




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          Mickaël Dinclaux Advanced

          Hi ,


          Can you tell me if these plugins are compatible with Windows 10 ?

          I'm asking because we have some trouble with old version 30.5 :


          We’re having some difficulty with the Jive Plugins available on Plazza that users are installing on their W10 devices:
          Jive Outlook – This is causing Outlook to freeze after sleep / login for a short period of time. (Version 30.5 tested)
          Jive Office – We think this might be working okay (Version 30.5 tested)
          Jive Anywhere – This is crippling Google Chrome along with its extensions and the result is that web pages do not load (Version 2.3 tested)






          cc : Stefan Wunsch

            • Re: Jive for Office/Outlook 30.7.43

              We've added official support for window 10 with the release of version 30.5.0 (see Jive for Office/Outlook 30.5.0 - Office 2016 & Windows 10 support), which means that you should be able to work with the old version on win10 without issues.

              With that said, we have since released many improvements and bug fixes, so my suggestion is to try the latest release, and see if that resolves your issues, and if you notice that the issues are still reproducing even with the latest version, then go ahead and open a support ticket, so we can have a closer look at the issues.


              As for JiveAnywhere, this is a different story, as it is not related to Jive for Office/Outlook.

              What version of Chrome are you using?

              The latest JiveAnywhere is 3.2.1, and we introduced specific Chrome fixes, so my suggestion here will be the same, please install the latest, and see if the issue reproduce.




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                  leela Novice

                  Hello Yuval,


                  I am using this version 30.7.48 on an Outlook 2016 client connected to O365 . However, everytime I try to enable supersearch, the indexing process just keeps getting stuck. I had seen an earlier post of yours commenting this got fixed. Can you comment if this is supposed to be working in this version?

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                lauren.hogue Jive SME

                Hi Yuval Twig


                Is there a list of known bugs for this version?  This would help save me time when trying to troubleshoot issues that users are reporting.


                I see that a few bug fixes have gone in to version 30.7.48, one of which was a problem we've been having (J4O-220 - Excel can crash when merging a large formatted document) and I'm wondering what else may be already known.