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    Bulk management error in jive


      Hi Team,


      I am doing upgrade to jive 9.0.1 for our on-premise instance  from jive 8.0.4 .


      The bulkcontent management is broken which is new feature of jive 9 release. I am getting below error . Is anyone facing the same issue ?



      When I try to tag / move/delete/set outcome for the selected content I get no modal pop-up in return inspite I get below error. Please advise.jiv


      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pagination' of undefined

          at jive.bulkmanage.modal.contentSelected.main (5162b80….js:2476)

          at Class.g.getSoyTemplate (5162b80….js:2483)

          at Class.render (28e40408a7ecb7ff4b13b277cb106c917.js:468)

          at Class.render (5162b80….js:2472)

          at Class.render (5162b80….js:2483)

          at Class.render (28e40408a7cb7ff4b13b277cb106c917.js:164)

          at Class.renderInitialViewModal (5162b80….js:2546)

          at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (5162b80….js:2472)

          at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (b524d670ce874a844828f2c6f2b36053.js:31)

          at HTMLAnchorElement.ce.handle (b524d670ce874a844828f2c6f2b36053.js:31)


      Best regards,