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    Where can we see email notifications within impact metrics?

    Kara Francis

      I am unable to reply to this post:  Re: How does ‘email generated from post’ in Impact Metrics, work?


      But it directs us to the core help where it mentions that we should see Emails as an option, but we are not.  (the help document says some features require Cloud Analytics.  Can someone update the documentation to indicate which features are standard and which ones require Cloud Analytics so we can verify what we should be seeing?


      What do we need in order to view the email section of the impact metrics?  I am only seeing Views/Global Reach, then a graphical list of actions (bookmark, share, etc.), viewers, sentiment, and impact.


      If we see 10 viewers, we'd like to know how many other people may have seen it by way of an email notification, but they maybe didn't click through to view the post through the browser.

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          Patty McEnaney

          I am trying to figure out the difference between Views and Email. I know in the previous post, it shows this explanation I copied below. But if I have 244 views and 1237 listed under emails, what does that mean? I can't believe it's 1) @mentioning something or 2) Sharing, as everyone would have received this via email since our email notifications are turned on, 3) Add collaborator. There are no replies to discussions or comments in this instance. And, I don't understand what the fifth bullet point means -- who is the "actor" in that? What is mutually exclusive between Views and Email and what is not?