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    Connecting an external community to content on a separate website


      What are some strategies that others are using to connect their external community to their main website or other system where official documentation resides? Does everyone just make Jive documents or pages with static links to things like user manuals, application notes, etc? How do you ensure broken links don't come up or that new content in the other system is added in the community?  I know you can use APIs to expose community content to another site, but this is more about the inverse of that.  Universal search may help some of this once it is released, but unless you have a supported connector this may not be an option.  If someone has had some success here please comment.  Links or picture examples would be appreciated.



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          I think what you are looking into is collectively referred to as "Federated Search", which essentially indexes content from multiple disparate online sources into a single index which can then be leveraged by all of them individually through an API of some sort. Most also offer some level of metadata/tracking management as well.


          The vendors and capabilities in this space are vast and it's hard to research them online as they all seem to promise roughly the same thing.


          I do know that Coveo is one that works with Jive and they appear to be the upper end of the space.


          Here's the caveat based on my understanding....once you implement one of these federated indexing techniques and services, you loose Jive's spotlight search (unless you leave it on the site as a secondary means), which to me, is one of the main things that sets Jive apart from the rest of the discussion forum vendors.


          If Jive is listening, recognizing that disparate online sources exist in companies of just about any size, including a federated search feature into the product would be an enormous differentiator.

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            Jennifer Kelley

            Hi Matt thanks for flagging the question in our "Ask a Consultant" area as well.  I'll start with the usual (I don't get paid if I don't do this, just kidding) high-level strategist caveat, that it depends on the use case.  From what you say above it sounds like it is primarily search integration or federation, but there are other examples where the integration may be in a stream or featured content on a page, etc. 


            I've asked Ryan Ruark our solutions architect and/or Ryan Rutan to weigh in here with more technical examples and options.

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              Jill Ross

              Hi Matt,


              This is a challenge we're also struggling with, and I think that solving for it begins with having a single source of truth for your official documentation. If you don't have this, I think it's very difficult to ensure that the most up-to-date and relevant content is surfacing in your community. It's very common for enterprises (including my own) to have separate systems for employees only (intranet), customers/partners (portals, knowledge base, product documentation), and public (website, community). You then get to a place where the same PDF is posted in several different sites, and it becomes a content governance nightmare.


              Our website, intranet, and customer/partner portals that contain our official documents are built on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). AEM is becoming our single source of truth for all of our digital properties, so we're getting there. Michelle Groff Burling can speak more to this since she's been spearheading the effort at HDS. We've been researching how we can bring in AEM content into tiles and streams within our product-focused spaces, but have not seen this done before. My hope is that we can leverage the AEM tagging system pull in feeds of AEM content into tiles & activity streams based on AEM tags.


              Again, haven't seen it done - but this is the vision we have. I'll be watching this thread to see what others have done!

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                Toby Metcalf

                Sorry to be late to the discussion Matt - I agree with Michael Fortner Federated Search is what we are using.

                In addition to organic search from Google, we get a lot of traffic from our support page: along with support articles, we also index community content.

                Support articles and how-to's are great, but interaction is the best way to educate.