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    After Setup Cannot View Community


      After setting using the web setup wizard for an evaluation environment, the application brings up the Jive upgrade console. When I attempt to log in with the admin/admin, I receive the "Oops, this page cannot be found" error. I do not see my forum (a copy of my production JIVE 7 database).


      Can anyone help?

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          Hi Jason Ferguson,


          This issue may be a result of mismatched cryptographic information. The application uses cryptographic keys stored on each webapp server to encrypt and decrypt credentials. If the keys with which database credentials were encrypted are missing then access will be blocked, and the account may become locked. If the matching keys cannot be reinstated then new keys should be generated and the credentials cleared so that they can be re-entered:


          1. Stop the installation, including EAE
          2. Delete the master encryption system properties:

                    2a. Backup the jiveProperty table

                    2b. run this query:  delete from jiveProperty where name ilike 'jive.master%';


          If these steps do not resolve the issue, go ahead and open a support case within your Secret JiveWorks Group, and a support worker will help you with this process.


          Best Regards,

          Blake Scott