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    [Template] Re-engagement Email for Dormant accounts


      Hi everyone,


      I have a large number of dormant accounts that I would like to reactivate. I was thinking about the following tactic - looking for feedback


      I want to send out direct message to community members that have not logged in > 6 months vs. sending an email (email might still be an option). Has anyone done something similar? Does anyone have example 'copy' they would like to share? Just trying to construct the right 'we miss you' + CTA.



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          This is something I want to do too.  How are you identifying these people? I knew how to do it with a SQL query on the system database, but since we are on Cloud now I don't have access to it anymore.  Can you share how are you getting an export of the users in this category?  Also, if they haven't logged in within 6 months there is a chance they won't get your DM due to a feature called "Recency" that stops all emails from Jive to users who have not logged in within 30 days.  You should check with Jive support to see if that is enabled.  Even if you could send them a DM, I don't know of a good way to send this same message to everyone without exposing all the users.  I would also want to make it seem personable by including their name, but don't know how to do that without a lot of manual work or some email marketing software.

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              Thanks for sharing the 'Recency' info - did not know about that. I will likely do an email out to folks who have not logged in for the last 6 months.


              I was planning on exporting the 'profile completion' csv. In that file, there is a field titled 'Last Logged In' I'll use that date to identify my email group.


              Currently doing research on the web to get inspired with some good copy.