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    Jive 9 embed new video player


      Hi Team ,


      I am working on the jive 9 upgrade for my application from jive 8 .


      I am trying to embed video from the new media player apart from the jive defined media players like youtube , dailymotion , brightcove , But I am getting the invalid url whenever I try to embed the video from new media player .  the fix was working fine in my previous jive version i.e, 8.0.4 but its broken in jive 9.0.1 ,


      I have added my customizations to following files


      1) I have written cusotmprovider.

      2)I have added my cusotm player to EmbedlyProvider

      3)I have a customMacro .

      4) I have added customMacroBean & CustomProviderBean for the customEmbedProvider

      5)I have over-ridden the video.js inside the tiny_mce3 folder.


      Please let me know if  I have missed anything for jive 9. Any suggestions would be more helpful.


      Best regards,