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    Syncing Org chart with Okta




      We currently are configuring the Jive Provisioning Okta verified App (to go along with our Okta SAML SSO for Jive configuration) and we cannot find a way to sync the org chart.


      Per the Okta documents it does not look like many attributes are supported to sync on a user (See  Jive Software Provisioning) but we have gotten around this by passing additional attributes in the SAML token (such as location, department, title, etc) but have not found a way to sync the worker's manager i.e. the org chart through either the provisioning app or through SAML.


      Wondering if there are any other Jive customers out there that use Okta for provisioning and/or syncing attributes and how they are able to accomplish updating the org chart. Our hope is to not have to develop a custom service just to call the V3 API to update the org chart separately.