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    How do you track emails with DES?


      I am trying to use DES to determine how many emails get sent from people following places (Follow > Inbox) and bonus points if I can see what users get the emails.  I figured ACTIVITY_SEND_EMAIL was a logical thing to start with.  When I put that action in the API Explorer I get the output shown below.  Is this telling me that 4 emails were sent from the system for each of the 2 threads listed, indicating I have 4 subscribers to those places?  When I use "Download Content CSV" I get some of the information below with many other rows and it is not very clear how it is all related and does not include users who would be the recipients.  The "Download User CSV" seems to only send back information about registration moderation. The Place and Activity CSVs are blank.  Can anyone clarify how to track emails sent with DES? I used to be able to get this with a query of the EAE database filtering streams with receive email enabled, but don't know how to track this without the DBs. Any help is appreciated.