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    Promoted Results Problem


      With Promoted results, I input Key Phrases so that only an exact match of the phrase would trigger the Promoted result as I dont want it constantly popping up, however, any of the words from the keywords I provided triggers the Promoted Result. What can i do about this?


      Our instance is running on Jive SBS 2016.3.6.0.

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          Hi @gustavog,


          When you added the phrases to the promoted results list, did you use commas between each phrase, or simply between each word itself?  If you have commas between each word, than you're seeing the expected behaviour, so you'll want to adjust those settings to have commas between each phrase only.  If you are using commas between each phase, then you may be encountering a bug, and in that case you'll want to open a support case in your secret support group, where a member of Jive Support Team will work with you in a confidential manner.


          Best Regards,

          Blake Scott