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    Q regarding Connections and Activity Streams REST APIs


      Hey All,



      I have a couple of question regarding people connections and activity streams.

      Using the Jive REST API, we’re successfully connecting two people with the following method:


      PUT /people/{personID}/@following/{followedPersonID}


      The Jive user creating the “connection” is a non-federated user. It has slightly elevated permissions, and it’s used by a separate application that sends HTTP requests to the Jive API.

      After the call, I can verify that “personID” is following “followedPersonID” by looking at the user’s “Connections tab” on their profile page.


      Is there any other behavior that this connection introduces?


      Also, is there a similar method that would allow one person to be placed in the Connections Stream of another?

      I’m looking for a way to allow our separate application to do this on behalf of the two people.


      I may have this terminology wrong, so I'm looking to reproduce the behavior that occurs when the following is checked:



      So, a fictitious API call might be:


      PUT /people/{personID}/@followingInConnectionStream/{followedPersonID}