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    Problem with "like" count


      Hello - we're having an issue with how our "likes" are calculated/shown.


      For some reason with many of our posts, there is a difference between the number of likes shown when the post is shown on the homepage vs. when you actually click to open the post. Please see the attached images for an example.


      In Capture1, this is the count visible via the homepage. In Capture2, this is the count visible within the post.


      Can you please look into this and let us know what's going on here?


      Thank you,



      Meghan Connor

        • Re: Problem with "like" count

          Hi Larry Sikon,


          Thank you for reaching out to Jive Support and for providing those helpful images.  From the looks of it, you seem to be encountering some type of bug that is affecting the way that likes are being displayed within your UI.  Since that is the case, you'll want to open a Support Case within your secret Support Group, where a member of the Support Team can work with you to troubleshoot the issue in a confidential manner.


          Best Regards,

          Blake Scott