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    Jive Support

    Barb Stupyra

      Is Jive/Aurea not working with companies anymore to help fix issues with open cases in JIVE?  We have a couple of cases open and have escalated one of them because no one has, as far as we can tell, even looked at them.

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          Hi Barb Stupyra,


          I'm sorry that you've had to escalate some of those cases.  At this time, there have not been any changes made to the Jive Support process with regards to the Support Team taking and working support cases.  I can say that we are currently experiencing a greater that normal total case volume right now, so that is resulting in a longer wait time before they are worked.  That being said, all cases will be attended to, and the escalation process and case severity level system both have not changed. 


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          Blake Scott