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    Brand and Name your community?


      My company came up with a name for our Jive community "The Root" (we're a hair color company), but I'm wondering how everyone went about branding their site? 


      We have our company name up in the upper left hand corner and I'm not sure where we put the community name or how to integrate it to the design.  I'm an IT person not a designer, so I'd love any ideas and photos people may have!



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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Heather, I've managed/seen many communities and the community name typically is placed in the upper left corner (where you can load a logo) and the company name goes into the footer. We've got tons of community screen captures you can browse through if you are interested. Check out:



          Be sure to click on the images in each of the posts so that you can see them larger and clearer. Cheers!