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    Can external contributors send Direct Messages?


      I'm assuming not, since we have one trying and it doesn't work. However, since the link for it appears for him, I realize it could just be a bug.


      Here is what I see in the Jive Documentation:

      External contributors can't see everything in the community because they are limited to the content in their groups and a few other restrictions.

      External contributors can see:

      • Groups they have joined.
      • Content and projects within those groups.
      • Other users who are also members of those groups.

      External contributors cannot see:

      • Spaces or projects besides those in their groups.
      • Community Overview page found when you click Home.
      • Global or public content, such as status updates, public bookmarks, or public documents and discussions.
      • Apps, but they can see images embedded by apps within their groups.


      So it looks like they can only contribute to things that happen inside of the groups they belong to. But I wanted to make sure what others' experience has been. We never turned this on at my last company, so I haven't experienced it before.