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    Excel Files Connected to Jive Have Errors When Righting New Formulas


      A coworker and I were modifying an Excel file that had been published to our Jive platform, Jive-n in the cloud, and when we were on Sheet 1 and attempted to write basic formulas to multiple or divide data in cells from Sheet 2 the file began to have issues such as:


      Formula Example:

      While in cell A1 of Sheet 1 =Sheet2!A1*Sheet2!A2


      A) Placing the formula on Sheet 2 and over writing the contents of the cell

      B) Formula not disappearing when we used the Undo function even if we undid multiple steps before the formula, cell values we entered would disappear but the formula would remain

      C) Formula not allowing the value in the field on Sheet 2 to return to it's original value


      Version Information

      Jive-n Cloud (Apologies for the wording if that is incorrect terminology)

      Excel2016 via Micrsoft Office 365

      Jive for Office 30.7.48


      I will report if we find a solution or if this is just human error but the issue could be easily replicated across many files that were connected to Jive and when a new file was created in Excel, outside of and not connected to Jive, the issue was not present.


      Thank you and let me know if you require any more information.