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    Webhook not calling back


      I've created Webhook using API reference available at Jive REST API v3.14 → Webhooks service .

      Jive Version: Jive SBS


      Here is my POST request for Webhook.


        "events" : "document",

        "callback": "https://springbootrest-ketz.rhcloud.com/betaprogramcallbackservice",

        "object" : "https://<myhost>/api/core/v3/places/327883"



      It was created successfully and I've checked the status also. It's not buggy.


          "itemsPerPage": 25,

          "list": [


                  "id": "51060",

                  "resources": {

                      "self": {

                          "allowed": [





                          "ref": "https://<host>/api/core/v3/webhooks/51060"



                  "object": "<host>/api/core/v3/places/327883",

                  "events": "document",

                  "callback": "https://springbootrest-ketz.rhcloud.com/betaprogramcallbackservice"



          "startIndex": 0



      Post webhook creation, I've created a document under the place(Space) configured in Webhook, but it's not at all calling back my service.

      I've created document multiple times, edited, commented also. But no luck.


      I've tested my callback service in Jive's Admin console under proxy page. It's successfully accessible.



      I've tried creating webhook using tile mentioned under this document Webhooks as Add-ons . But I found that the option of "Watch this space" is not available now in my Jive software. So I couldn't find a way there as well.


      I don't know what am I missing here. Can someone help?