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    Manually deactivated users are becoming active again; within 1 to 2 days, though they are disabled in AD, some (about half?) of deactivated users recently will become active again.


      Hello all,

      We are an MSP that has inherited a Jive Hosted instance and we have found that, in about half of deactivated users, they will appear as active again. The Audit Log confirms the user deactivation at the expected time, but later the user is indeed active in the People management tab.


      Deactivate federated user accounts not found in the directory? is enabled, but we may have a setting wrong elsewhere.


      On the Admin portal -> People -> Settings tab -> Directory Server Settings -> User Mapping our "User Disabled Field" value is userAccountControl and "User Disabled Field Value" is 514


      Our procedure for disabling a user is resetting password to a random string (so that even with the re-activation we're seeing they cannot log into our JiveOn site), disabling the AD account, then setting Deactivate in Jive's People Management page.


      Our User Synchronization is scheduled nightly and group mapping is managed by Jive.


      Anyone else experienced phantom reactivations?