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    How to moderate Jive community from a mobile device?

    phoneboy Novice

      Asking the audience here, how do you all moderate Jive communities from a mobile device?

      I'm using a Jive-X Cloud instance.

      There are two options here: the Jive-X app and a mobile web browser.

      • The Jive-X app is a non-starter.
        • The iOS app frequently crashes on start
        • The Android app does a little better, but crashes when I try to approve/reject a post
      • When I browse my community from a mobile device, the site will not show the moderation pane in the "mobile friendly" view.
        • On iOS using Safari or Chrome, Jive refuses to show me the Desktop site, even when I explicitly request the desktop site.
        • On Android using the Chrome browser, it will show me the Desktop view. It's sub-optimal, but it works. It also means I have to carry around two mobile devices, as I am primarily an iOS user.

      How do the rest of you do this?

      And more importantly, when does Jive plan to address the glaring hole in their offering?