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    Combination open / closed community and blogs and newsletters


      I have a few questions all wrapped into one.

      We have a combination of open and closed community and have the following questions.


      1. For people with this scenario -- can you create one newsletter for both audiences? Will prospects / public get annoyed if there is customer-only information in the newsletter or is it more of a draw? Any thoughts are appreciated. We have some content that needs to be behind the curtain, but think we really want one consolidated newsletter as all prospect info is relevant to customers.


      2. Currently blog posts are on medium.com -- does anyone keep blog posts on medium and link from Jive? I can see more drawbacks to doing this than benefits, but my marketing team may not want to switch.  Thoughts?


      Thank you!

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          Libby Taylor

          Hi Julie, I moved your question over to Jive External Communities to get it more visibility... Hopefully one of our excellent community managers can answer your question.

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            I think there will always be some frustration when content is restricted, which is why I'm a big proponent of open content.  That being said there are valid reasons to have restrictions.  In a previous community I managed the vast majority of all the complaints were about the the restricted content ("why is it restricted", "I can't find anything", "I should have access but don't", etc), not to mention the unaccounted for thousands of users who tried to search from Google or the community without logging in but never saw anything because restricted content isn't surfaced. My quick opinion on this is that if you want to stick with one news letter to rule them all, be very transparent and spell out what is gated in the applicable section of the news letter.  If you don't, people who read that part and are interested are going to try to explore and get frustrated. I would suggest explaining that these are exclusive areas, members only, etc AND point them to a public document that explains how they can get access to these unless the instructions are simple/short enough to include in the news letter.  ex: This area is restricted to registered members only.  Click here to find out how to gain access.

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