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    'Shared' System Blog doesn't display the names of where it's been shared


      We're loving the new functionality in Jive 9 to "share" content from one place to another. Before groups and spaces were always being @mentioned in comments, that were noisy, or worse--content was being reposted in multiple places.


      That said, I've noticed that in a system blog--which we use tons of--you can't see where the blog has actually been shared. In fact, when looking at the blog, you'd never know it was shared at all.


      The place the system blog has been shared does show the share in the activity stream, and if you're browsing content you can see the share. But, shouldn't the blog itself tell you how  many places it lives?


      For example:


      Is this a known bug? Thanks!

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          Hi Lauren,


          Shared content normally show a link at the top of the page to where it is published. For instance, a place blog that is shared:


          Here is an example of a personal blog that is shared:


          However, System blogs are a special type of blog that doesn't belong to a particular container, although they can be "shared", i.e. added to the activity stream of a place. This is done intentionally because the actual purpose of the link at the top is to allow it to be "removed" from those places, whereas a system blog is ubiquitous and cannot belong to or be removed from any particular place.