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    Get content AND comments for a user

    msamato Novice

      I'd like to pull the full text of all content and comments written by a specific user.


      I can use the REST API to get all of the user's original content. Jive REST Rest API v3.2 → Content service


      However, getting all of their comments appears to be trickier. According to the Comments service documentation, (Jive REST Rest API v3.2 → Comment service), I am only able to pull comments for specific content objects. The only solution I can come up with is to (1) use the Data Export Service to identify all content objects a user has commented on, (2) use the REST API to pull all comments for each of those content object, and (3) manually filter out comments written by other users. Note that I haven't actually pulled any comments yet, pending (hopefully) responses to this question.


      Is there any easier way? Similar to what these developers have described ( ), our users make extensive use of comments. It would be terrific if an endpoint were created that returned all comments written by a specified user.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.