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    Does enabling SSO debug mode require a system restart?

    Alex Nassi

      My community uses SAML for our community logins and the team that manages our SSO system has been making a variety of changes/updates/upgrades lately, some of which have required a restart to our community to take effect (thanks Jesse Fuller for all the recent help!)


      I noticed (somehow, for the first time) that there is a setting for Debug Mode in the Single Sign-on settings menu:


      I also found this document, Which SAML SSO Settings require a restart? , which states that debug mode can be enabled/disabled without a restart, but that document is a few years old and commenting is disabled.


      I'm curious if anyone can confirm if this is still true and this setting can be toggled without needing to file a case with Jive Support? If so, it will greatly assist my team in testing these new updates.