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    Failed to add user: 'Shared groups must be enabled'




      I am trying to create a new user and when I do so I receive the error in the screenshot below. The user does not have an account within the community nor shows any record of him requesting access to join our community. The user has tried to create an account to enter our closed community, however, he receives an error and no email asking him to complete registration, prompting me to create his account manually.


      We are on Jive-X 8 cloud.


      I created a support case but no one is getting back to me


      Background on our community: we have a closed external community where customers and partners must request access to the community. Once a customer or partner requests access, it falls into a moderator queue where the community managers accept or reject their account (folks who are not customers or partners are rejected). This user in particular is a customer and is unable to complete the process for joining our community.


      Has anyone seen this error before? If so, what was your workaround? I've looked around the admin. console for "shared groups" but have been unsuccessful. There are no other user accounts within our community with the email address he is using.


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