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    News Streams not reliable to get most recent news to all users


      We recently moved from Jive 7 to Jive 9 with News for our intranet homepage. We rely on news streams to give all of our employees need-to-know information, but b/c streams cap at 6 active posts on the homepage, we are seeing that the most recently posted items may not appear on everyone's homepage. We're looking for a solution where we can reliably get necessary news out to all employees without retraining people who post, or people who absorb the news.


      Background of risk presented from news streams in Jive9

      • Each news stream will allow for 6 stories per stream
      • Once a story is on a user’s homepage, if it remains unread, will not fall off for 10 business days (it will fall off after 2 days if read, or immediately if there is another story in the stream in the homepage queue)
      • If an employee has 6 must reads on their homepage (combination of corporate, location, and continental must reads), and a 7th item is pished, users will miss the 7th item, which may concern system down time, or important business updates

      Real life examples

      • If we acquire a company, we cannot get this news to everyone on their homepage in news
      • If any of the systems we use or support are down and athenistas can’t do their jobs, there isn’t a reliable way to get users that information

      Ideal Solution

      • News streams would pull the six most RECENT items onto the homepage rather than basing what appears on what the individual user has read

      Proposed work around solutions & their impact


      Proposed Solution


      Employee Comms team to manually review items that are posted in spaces that feed news streams and delete or move outdated content

      • This adds daily manual work for the Employee Comms team
      • Increases the probability for human error
      • Does not actually answer the problem of the maximum number of blogs per news stream
      All homepage posts will go through employee comms for calendaring, and moderation for approval (all posts for following week due to EC on Thursday before for calendaring)
      • This would change team habits when it comes to planning for posts
      • Adds daily and weekly manual work for the Employee Comms team
      • Would not ensure that unplanned news (system outages) would be accounted for
      Add a tile to the right hand rail for system downtime information and business updates (jive suggestion) - this would change posting behaviors for folks, retrain the user experience for where to look for important information,
      • This would change posting behaviors (location and add a step to email Employee Comms and have link added to tile OR add users to the permission group who can edit tiles on the homepage)
      • We would need to retrain user base (5,000+) to look to another place for important information
      • Could lessen the importance of News if need-to-know information is on the right hand rail
      • Daily manual work for the Employee Comms team to manage removing posts when outdated
      Use System Announcements to generate an email to all employees
      • We have a guideline from CEO to not send emails to the entire employee base
      • Could lessen the importance of the intranet as a whole, and News, if need-to-know information is emailed to users


      Any thoughts or brilliant ideas?


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          Hello missannacathryn! I'm so glad to read your post and to be able to share about our project. We are moving our legacy intranet news portal from sharepoint to jive and engaged Social Edge Consulting to design a custom "top-news" tile for us. We are going to put it at the top of our jive home page as the hero tile! We are finishing the dev cycle and going into UAT next week.

          Xena Lappin and the team of strategists, community manager consultants and of course their dev team are *top notch*!

          If that's not enough to recommend them, they designed the new UX for the JC (community.jivesoftware.com)!


          Please feel free to reach out by private message and I'd be glad to webinar with you to show you what we're working on.


          Good luck with your project! --Mike.

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